The best way to demonstrate CRT is a Marxist/communist ideology is to read the words of American communists themselves. Here the Communist Party USA states that the original function of CRT was as communist party policy:

"More and more, CRT scholars have acknowledged these ideas originated even further back in time. Some point to Communist Party leader Angela Davis, and others even to Claudia Jones, who in formulating the Party’s anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-imperialist policy, described the “triple oppression” of Black women under racism, sexism, and exploitative class processes. Today, while many concede Jones’ role in developing this theory, they ignore its original function as Communist Party policy."

The article goes on to discuss other Marxists who tweaked Karl Marx's ideas to create CRT.

Source: https://www.cpusa.org/article/the-rage-against-critical-race-theory/

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