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Dr. Smoots: I’m only allowed to read three articles here. Do you host a free version on Substack without the ability to comment?

It is extremely important for you to identify by name WHO these woke researchers are, where they went to college, what Marxist groups recruited them, etc. Also their connections to Big Pharma, who could care less about minorities or anyone. Not only is WHO the first of the four Ws of journalism, but we will lose this war if we don’t expose the Enemies Within.

Please connect with me by DM on Truth Social @anastunya and you also may ask Jeremy for my contact information.

In the 1980s, I participated with Captive Nations Committee and fighting local communists in Sonoma. My ex, Oleh was a US Ukraine Famine Commissioner. — Nancy Henning Weres, MD

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Elizabeth, thank you for this article! I left a very rewarding career in medicine for this very reason. I need access to objective scientific literature, not biased political articles, in order to prescribe and recommend appropriate treatments for my patients. Sadly, this is no longer available in our beholden Lysenkoistic medical community. It is terribly sad and does not bode well for the future health of our nation. Thank you for boldy reporting this sad truth.

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