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McCarthy was a true hero. He uncovered the fundamental reason why we are where we are today in the US - Godless communists. Diana West's "American Betrayal" is required reading for every American! Peace.

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I recently, before reading this piece, became aware of the fact that what I learned about McCarthyism in school was a total lie designed to deny the rampant infiltration by the US government by communists (which continues to this day) intent on undermining the interests of the USA. After reading the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, which was intended as an allegory about the Red Scare, I was convinced that the McCarthy hearings were a witch trial. How easily we are lulled into believing the one true narrative. 

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Great post. The people who believe it was only the "Red Scare" need a red pill.

Individuals accused of being Communists indeed turned out to be card-carrying members of the Communist party, supporters of Stalin, who were determined to destroy the American culture and government and replace it totalitarianism.

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