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I was living in Raleigh N.C. back in 1976/7, at the time a very influential murder trial took place. From the evidence, it appeared that a young paperboy was delivering newspapers when a black man called requesting that he throw the newspaper on the veranda (a Viet Nam vet who was somewhat disabled) like he did for others. Apparently the boy went home to his mother and told her the story. She immediately jumped into her car, went over to the man's residence and calmly put a bullet in his head (as I remember) She was a pastor's wife.

She was found 'not guilty".

It was national news and I thought that their would be a revolution.

There were two consequences of that trial.

This happened at a critical time regarding the people you mention out of Harvard. As a black lawyer, this proved the intransigence of America beyond a doubt. It also provided proof to a number of fellow travelers that something was fundamentally wrong. Result, well we are living it.

However there was an equal and opposite happening. This was the first time that a full blown display of the fundamental injustice that was America. This trial affected many white lives and I believe was the real turning point in American history.

CRT missed this sea change completely.

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Freedom of speech, or a lack of censorship, is one of the foundations of a democracy. The same concept applies to our educational institutions. When a teacher, union or association can censor the information being taught to a child from being communicated to their parent, we have government imposed censorship and our democracy will wither away. All lesson plans and educational material taught in out schools needs to be publicly accessible to the parent and any other interested parties.

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